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Challenge Match

Gentlemen of the Centre Column

We  welcome 2 new officers to the Column. Corporal Renna takes command of the 26th Foot (Cameronians), and Corporal Goodwin leads the 14th Foot (Bedfordshires) We look forward to reading of their service to His Majesty on the fields of glory.  

Congratulation are due to our own Gen. Natta, who has just received a ribbon for his victory at Yorktown. A rare victory and honour for any British player. I have received a ribbon for Fort William Henry. Simone Tombesi and  Jack Hipkins get ribbons for 1st Saratoga and North Point respectively. So, 4 new ribbons for the Centre Column. Jack Hipkins also receives his well deserved promotion to Lieutenant.

General Natta reports our first victory in the Centre Column challenge matches. Huzzah! 

Well done Gentlemen all - a fine show indeed!!  


That's all for now Gentlemen. Your humble servant,